God is Much Greater than What Can be Said About Him

The Knowledge of The Holy – A.W. Tozer

You may not agree with all that you read here, but again I ask you to stick with me. God is much greater than we have made Him out to be, so my intent here is to continue to give you a greater appreciation not only for God, but a greater appreciation for some of those who have held Him in high esteem.


We have seen 8 facets of God, 8 shades, if you will. As I introduce number 9 of 50, I must say that the next few pages are almost holy ground. A.W. Tozer saw God differently than any other writer I know of.


Unfortunately, he died when I was only 4 years old, but I would love to have met this man. He held God in very high esteem. I have given you the Table of Contents from his short book, The Knowledge of the Holy. My hope is that you will be drawn to the God that Tozer writes about.


He wrote the book in 1961, when I was 2 years old (when I was in Scottish Rite Hospital). He would go on to meet this God that he wrote about 2 years after he wrote and published this book.


I read this book for the first time in 1980. I read it so often and used it so much that the cover of this thin paperback book was completely severed from the pages and I had to tape it back on. It will probably be laid with me in my casket, along with my Granddad’s Bible (Daddy James).


Table of Contents (A.W. Tozer, 1897-1963).

  1. Why We Must Think Rightly About God
  2. God Incomprehensible
  3. A Divine Attribute: Something True About God
  4. The Holy Trinity
  5. The Self-existence of God
  6. The Self-sufficiency of God
  7. The Eternity of God
  8. God’s Infinitude
  9. The Immutability of God
  10. The Divine Omniscience
  11. The Wisdom of God
  12. The Omnipotence of God
  13. The Divine Transcendence
  14. God’s Omnipresence
  15. The Faithfulness of God
  16. The Goodness of God
  17. The Justice of God
  18. The Mercy of God
  19. The Grace of God
  20. The Love of God
  21. The Holiness of God
  22. The Sovereignty of God
  23. The Open Secret