The Greatness of God

We think we know a lot, but we may not know squat. So let’s keep that in mind when thinking about God. Theologians call this the “Incomprehensibility of God.” God has revealed Himself to us in various ways, but He has not revealed Himself to us exhaustively.

What God tells us about Himself in His Word is absolutely true but it must be remembered that God has not told us everything about Himself. Millard Erickson puts it this way,

“God’s incomprehensibility is that attribute of him which defines all that is unknown about him. We can know something about God. (In fact, to state that God is incomprehensible is itself to say that we do know something about him.) But, we can’t know everything

about him and nor can we understand everything that we do know about him. Our “shortcoming lies in our inability to encompass him within our knowledge. Although what we know of him is the same as his knowledge of himself, the degree of our knowledge is much less. It is not exhaustive knowledge of him, as is his knowledge of himself, and in that respect it will be incomplete or non-exhaustive even in the eschaton (in the eternal future)”.

(Millard Erickson; Christian Theology, I. p. 180)

What God has told us He has told us truly but not exhaustively.

So, we have to be careful before drawing conclusions about God and His ways when we are finite and when our knowledge is very limited.